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DISCLAIMER: Elements of this table were last updated on 3 March 2021. Product information may have changed without notification - please visit the vendors' websites for accurate, up-to-date information.



I = appropriate for individual users;
G = has supervisor/collaboration features, suitable for group use
D = suitable for large-scale, managed deployment


B = Browser-based. platform agnostic
M = Macintosh application available
W = WIndows application available
L = Linux application available
I = iOS app available
A = Android app available


VC = Vendor cloud
PC = Private cloud
3C - 3rd Party cloud
AWS = Amazon Web Services
HD = User's hard disk
LS = Local server
D = Can be synced with Dropbox
G = Can be synced with Google Drive


F = Free option (may be time-limited, or capacity-limited)
O = Open Source version available
$ = Less than 10$ / user / month (may be capacity-limited)
$$ = Between 10$ - 20$ / user / month (may be capacity-limited)
$$$ = More than 20$ / user / month (may be capacity-limited)
X = information not provided


  Suitability Platform Storage Free/cost Comments
Arxspan G, D B VC $$$ Flexible, supports chemistry and biology workflows, includes chemistry drawing package and supports ChemDraw (not included). Targeting commercial bio/pharma customers.
Benchling I, G B VC, D, G F Free (with capacity limitations) for academic users, user-friendly, self-contained cloud service, Molecular Biology bias. CRISPR tools.
Biovia G, D W, M VC, LS X ELN product has basic but robust feature set and workflow, strong in compliance, deployed campus-wide at some institutions. Part of a large suite of BIOVIA products.
BrightLab I, G, D B, I, A VC F, X Attractive interface, versatile, available for academia and industrial labs. Instrument integration and LIMS functionality, including direct Sigma-Aldrich ordering.

CDD Vault (Collaborative Drug Discovery)

G, D B Not specified X ELN module is integrated into LIMS interface and workflow leans towards chemistry and very data-driven documentation requirements. Good, flexible collaboration features, and good integration with MS Office.

c6h6 (Cheminfo ELN)

I, G, D B (Chrome) VC, PC, LS F, O Free, community-developed tool focused on chemistry with support for many characterisation techniques. FAIR data at the core, i.e. all data are converted into a standard form upon import and can be exported to Zenodo. Source code available. (NB supervisor feature needs suitable groups to be set, for which there is currently no convenient frontend.)
Chemotion I B VC, LS F, O Free, community-based chemistry tool with good collaboration features, but no conventional supervisor tools Source code available, so local instance and storage could be deployed.

I, G, D

B VC F, $$$ Not specifically science-focused; well designed collaborative documentation platform, simple but robust feature set will be relevant/useful in many disciplines. Free for individual users.
e-Notebook G, D W LS X Complex interface, Chemistry/Pharma bias.
e-Workbook G, D B VC X Strong inventory management; Chem/Pharma heritage, but now has suite of molecular biology tools. Convenient user-configurable templates to suit various workflows.
eLabFTW G, D B LS F, O Free, flexible, open source, requires local server (Docker containers recommended). Community-driven development, sponsored by Institut Curie.
eLABJournal I, G, D B VC, PC, LS $ Comprehensive product with strong inventory management integration.
Findings I M, I HD, D F, $ Simple, lightweight, attractive interface, good synchronisation with Apple devices via Dropbox.
Hivebench I, G, D B, M, I VC, LS F, X Attractive, easy-to-use interface; integration with Mendeley Data Repository. Institutional version has limited management features for PI or site administrator.
LabArchives I, G, D B, I, A VC, PC, AWS, LS, G F, $$ Comprehensive features including Graphpad Prism integration.
LabCloud G, D B VC, LS F Free product, includes inventory management with procurement (and advertising) built-in. Funded by use of the vendor list in the procurement feature.
LabCollector G, D M, W, L VC, LS $$$ Strong LIMS with ELN functionality bolted-on.
Labfolder I, G, D B VC, LS F, $$

Fully-featured product with clean design, good 3rd-party integrations and LIMS. Have produced the following resources:
Electronic Lab Notebook Research Guide
Electronic Lab Notebook Scorecard (PDF)

LabGuru G, D B AWS X Fully-featured and attractive design, but strong LIMS functionality complicates the interface and operation.
Labii I, G, D B AWS X Attractive, simple interface with good security/compliance features, voice recognition and bioinformatics service.
Labstep I, G, D B, I, A AWS F Used in life sciences, chemistry, physics.Free for academic users and offers unlimited storage capacity, but with a limited file upload size (10MB initially, extended up to max 25MB). Strong on protocol and resource management and sharing, and includes API for automation of data collection.
LabTrove G, D B LS (linux) F, O Build-it yourself system; free for local installation; will require a local system administrator. Website and documentation look a bit neglected.
Mbook I, G, D B VC, AWS, LS X Organic chemistry notebook; clean and modern design with built-in messaging.
Openbis I B LS F, O Free, open source LIMS/ELN software for biologists/bioinformaticians. Browser-based, but designed to be installed and managed locally.
Open Science Framework I, G B 3C F, O Free, open source, single interface and workflow that integrates many other popular cloud software tools and services, good for collaborations and Open Science.
OpenLab G, D B VC, LS X Desktop version looks dated compared to its iOS app sibling. Includes voice recognition and data collection features. Chemistry bias.
Quiver I M HD, D $ Not really designed for laboratory use, but a very popular notebook for programmers and useful for bioinformaticians. Mac platform, but a less functional iOS app is available too.
REDCap G, D B LS X Popular and adaptable tool, widely used in medical environments for gathering and managing clinical trials and questionnaire data.
RSpace I, G, D B VC F, $ Free (community edition); fully-featured with many useful 3rd party integrations (e.g. Slack); exports all data in original file formats. Spawned from eCat, which still remains as an inventory management system.
Scilligence G, D B VC X Commercial product for cheminformatics and bioinformatics, leaning towards chemistry.
SciNote I, G, D B VC, PC, AWS, LS F, O, $$ Not long established and the product is still evolving rapidly. Attractive interface, includes useful non-linear experimental design feature. Presentation: Training:
Signals Notebook G, D B AWS X Attractive, modern interface. Multi-discipline-relevant features, leaning towards Chemistry with Chemdraw built-in. Individual license available for ChemOffice users.
SLIMS G, D B VC, LS X Predominantly a LIMS, but with ELN functionality built-in. Includes R scripting.
Studies Notebook I, G, D B VC, LS X Designed for Chemists, but Biology template available. No information available relating to storage capacity, cost or 3rd party integrations.

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