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General Enquiries:

For all general enquiries please e-mail

This e-mail address is monitored by all members of the Research Data Management Team, and the most relevant team member will respond to your query; therefore, e-mailing is the most efficient way to get quick and specific answers to any questions. The Research Data Management Team is overseen by the University Library and the Research Office, you can contact them below.

Research Data Management Team:

If you prefer to get in touch with specific members of the team, their contact details and areas of expertise are available below:

Senior Management Oversight:


Dr Lauren Cadwallader


Deputy Manager of Scholarly Communication (Research Data Management)

Lauren is responsible for the Research Data services run by the Office of Scholarly Communication and can assist you with any questions about research data management and sharing. Before joining the Data Team, Lauren worked in the Open Access Team for the OSC and prior to that did a PhD in archaeology at the University of Cambridge working on mummified human remains from Peru.

E-mail Lauren if you have any questions about:

  • funder requirements
  • data sharing
  • data management plans
  • research data management resources
  • choice of data repositories
  • this website

Dr Sacha Jones


Research Data Coordinator

Sacha is responsible for maintaining and increasing the academic community engagement and interest in research data management and sharing. Sacha leads the Data Champions programme.

E-mail Sacha if you have any questions about:

  • Data Champions
  • open research
  • research data management training
  • data sharing
  • data management plans
  • research data management resources
  • choice of data repositories
  • this website


Dr Agustina Martínez García


Repository Integration Manager

Agustina is responsible for the evaluation and integration of the institutional repository and related workflows for data and publication deposits into other systems, such as CRIS systems for research information management.

LinkedIn profile

E-mail Agustina if:

  • you require advice on how to document your data, recommended metadata standards
  • you require advice on complex data file formats
  • choice of data repositories

Peter Sutton-Long


Repository Manager

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E-mail Peter if:

  • you would like to deposit your data into the University repository and discuss available options
  • you need guidance on file formats
  • you require assistance with your data submission

Hannah Haines


Outreach and Engagement Coordinator - currently on maternity leave

A qualified librarian with a particular interest in public engagement and communication, Hannah is responsible for planning, booking and advertising the OSC's outreach activities, which include events, workshops and training courses.  She also edits monthly newsletters for Open Data, the OSC and the Cambridge Libraries Community, and works with the team to communicate openly with the rest of the University.

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E-mail Hannah if you have any questions about:

  • events and training
  • communications

Maria Angelaki


Outreach and Engagement Coordinator - maternity cover

Maria is on secondment from the Open Access Team where she worked in a Scholarly Communication Support role, which included supporting the Office of Scholarly Communication in its engagement and outreach activities. As Scholarly Communication Support she assisted with the coordination of the Data Champions programme. She was a member of the GDPR Working Group for Cambridge University Library and its affiliates. Before joining the department, Maria worked in the US, UK and Greece in marketing and communications, as well as in publishing at Cambridge University Press.

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Email Maria if you have any questions about:

  • events and training
  • communications
  • this website
  • @CamOpenData and @CamOpenAccess Twitter accounts

Research Data Oversight

The research data team is overseen by both the Office of Scholarly Communication and the Research Operations Office:

Head, Office of Scholarly Communication [in recruitment]


Dr Peter Hedges


Peter Hedges

Head of the Research Office

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E-mail Peter if you have any suggestions on how the Research Office could provide more effective support for researchers with Open Access.

Postal address

Research Data Management Facility
Office of Scholarly Communication
Cambridge University Library
West Road



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