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Advice on preparing a data management plan

Would you like to get advice on your data management plan? We are here to help. Please send us your data management plan by using the form below. You need to submit your data management plan to us at least 7 working days before your grant submission deadline otherwise we might be unable to help.

Important notes:

By using this service you certify that you have read you funder's policies on research data management and prepared your data management plan in accordance with these policies.

You may wish to complete the University's Information Security Risk Assessment alongside your data management plan. This will prompt you to think more in depth about the potential security issues you face with your data.


If you prefer not to use our service, you can try using the online tool to create data management plans, DMPonline, instead.

Funders' guidance on data management plans:

Specific guidance on funders' requirements for data management plans is available below - you need to follow funders' guidance when preparing a data management plan.

Example data management plans:

Digital Curation Centre maintains a website with numerous examples of data management plans.

For larger research projects it can be useful to create more detailed plans which cover different aspects of data management. We have example preservation and data sharing policies from the Kymata Atlas project by Dr Andrew Thwaites, University of Cambridge.

Send us your plan by filling in the form below. For details on how the personal information you enter here is used, please see our privacy notice.


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