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The Research Data Management Facility (RDMF) is part of the Office of Scholarly Communication. Its activities are overseen and guided by a number of groups and sub-groups.

The Open Research Steering Committee

The Open Research Steering Committee was established by the General Board in January 2019 to replace the Open Access Project Board, following a recommendation by the Open Research Working Group. The Open Research Steering Committee is responsible for open research matters across the University. Research data matters that need senior approval or input are refered to the Open Research Steering Committee, who may then refer the matter to their governing board the Research Policy Committee.

The Research Data Management Project Group

The Research Data Management Project Group is comprised of various members of the University who have an active interest in research data management. The members are researchers, librarians, IT staff, and administrators with particular focus on data within their department. The membership of the group is voluntary. The membership of this group has been designed so that the RDMF can benefit from the opinions and experiences of individuals who work on a daily basis with research data and/or researchers.

The group is consulted on the long-term planned activities of the RDMF and asked to help improve the services of the RDMF by identifying needs and service provision gaps.

Members of the Project Group each contribute to a Working Group, which looks at specific issues in detail:

Outreach and Support Working Group

This group looks at the training materials and outreach activities that are used to promote the Research Data Management Facility. The group also provide guidance and support for the running of the Data Champion programme. The group is chaired by Clair Castle and Sacha Jones.

Sensitive Data Working Group - Technical strand

The group is exploring the technical issues around working with and sharing sensitive data at the Univeristy of Cambridge. The group is chaired by Agustina Martínez García.

Sensitive Data Working Group - Policy strand

This group is looking at the guidance and advice offered by the University around working with personal and sensitive data. The group is co-chaired by Sinead Healy and Lauren Cadwallader.

Repository Certification Working Group

The group would like to explore the idea of respository certification for the Apollo repository. This group is chaired by Peter Sutton-Long.