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The Data Champions programme began in 2016 and has benefitted from the contributions from people who have since moved onto new roles or into other institutions. We would like to thank them for their work and acknowledge them here.

Alumni Data Champions List


Dr Marta Busse-Wicher (2016–2018)

Previously: Research Data Coordinator, Office of Scholarly Communication



Dr Deryck Chan (2019–2020)

Previously: PhD student, Department of Engineering
LinkedIn profile

Twitter @deryckchan


Anna Chaplin (2020)

PhD student, Department of Psychiatry
LinkedIn profile



Dr Jennifer Copic (2016–2019)

Research Associate, Centre for Risk Studies, Judge Business School
LinkedIn profile


Dr Sandra Cortijo (2017–2018)

Research Associate, Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University


Dr Enrico Crema (2018–2019)

Lecturer, Department of Archaeology
Twitter @er_crema


Eric Dawson (2018–2020)

Previously: PhD student, Department of Genetics

Twitter @erictdawson


Alastair Downie (2016–2018)

Head of IT, The Gurdon Institute


Dr Mark Dunning (2016-2017)

Previously: Bioinformatics Training Coordinator, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

Twitter @DrMarkDunning



Dr Stephen Eglen (2016–2019)

Reader, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics


Dr Mélodie Garnier (2019–2020)

Previously: Scholarly Communication Support, Office of Scholarly Communication


Dr Laurent Gatto (2016–2018)

Previously: Senior Research Associate, Department of Biochemistry


Dr Anna Gogleva (2017–2018)

Previously: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University


Dr Kent Griffith (2016–2019)

Previously: PhD student, Department of Chemistry
LinkedIn profile


Keno Haverkamp (2018)

Previously: MPhil student, Development Studies
LinkedIn profile


Deepa Iyer (2018)

Previously: MPhil student, Development Studies


Duncan Johnstone (2017)

Previously: PhD student, Materials Science & Metallurgy

LinkedIn profile



Dr Minjung Kim (2020) 

Previously: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Computer Science and Technology


Dr Mario Krapp (2019–2020) 

Previously: Research Associate, Department of Zoology
Twitter @mkrapp3000


Kirsten Lamb (2016–2019)

Previously: Research Support Librarian, Department of Engineering


Dr Dongfang Liang (2016–2018)

University Lecturer, Department of Engineering


Fiona Llewellyn-Beard (2017–2018)

PhD student, Department of Earth Sciences


Inge Loudon (2016–2017)

Previously: Data Manager, Data Management Team, MRC Epidemiology Unit

LinkedIn profile


Michael Loy (2017–2019)

PhD student, Faculty of Classics


Dr Ralitsa Madsen (2018)

Previously: PhD student, Department of Clinical Biochemistry
LinkedIn profile


Dr Azadeh (Tina) Mohammadi (2018)

Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry
LinkedIn profile


Dr Rhys Morgan (2016–2018)

Head of Policy, Integrity and Governance, Research Office


Quentin Peter (2016–2020)

Previously: PhD student, Department of Chemistry
LinkedIn profile

Lee Pretlove (2016–2018)

Previously: Polonsky Digital Preservation Fellow, Cambridge University Library


Dr Anna Protasio (2016–2019) 

Research Associate (Bioinformatics), Cambridge Institute for Medical Research (CIMR)
LinkedIn profile
Twitter @annaprotasio


Dr James Savage (2018–2020) 

Research Associate, Department of Zoology
LinkedIn profile


Dr Melissa Scarpate (2016–2018)

Previously: Research Associate, Faculty of Education

LinkedIn profile



Calvin Zhi Wei Set (2019)

Previously: MPhil student, Department of Engineering

LinkedIn profile


Dr Marta Teperek (2016–2017)

Previously: Research Data Management Facility Manager

LinkedIn profile



Dr Lorinda Turner (2016–2018)

Research Associate, Department of Psychiatry
LinkedIn profile


Daniel Enyinnaya Ukasoanya (2019)

Previously: MPhil student, Department of Engineering

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