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About the event

How should researchers' data management activities and skills be supported? What are the data management responsibilities of the funder, the institution, the research group and the individual researcher? Should we focus on training researchers so they can carry out good data management themselves or should we be funding specialist teams who can work with research groups, allowing the researchers to concentrate on research instead of data management? This session explores approaches to this issue by looking at different implementations of support in both the UK and Europe, as well as asking funders what they want to see happening in research institutions. In more detail the following will be explored:

  • What are the benefits and costs of centralised versus embedded programmes?  
  • Should we be training researchers to support themselves or provide that support so they can concentrate more on research?  
  • How should models of support be funded as well as sustained?  

Tao-Tao Chang discusses research data management support from a funder's perspective and current plans for investment. 

Marta Teperek explains how data management support can be effectively provided to researchers through a combination of three different approaches: central data management support, disciplinary data stewards and group-level data managers.

Al Downie talks about departmental walls, infrastructure design, and changing research culture.

UPDATE (AFTER THE EVENT):  The YouTube playlist hosting all recordings of Cambridge Data Week 2020 is now available. Alternatively, all the recordings, transcripts and available presentations are present in Apollo, the University of Cambridge repository. The specific resources for "Supporting researchers on data management – do we need a fairy godmother?" can also be found in Apollo. You can also read the blog summarising the webinar. Some questions which there was no time to explore during the live session are also answered. The blogs for all webinars of the Cambridge Data Week are all hosted in our blog platform Unlocking Research.


Tao-Tao Chang 

Tao-Tao Chang has a background in international partnerships, research policy and the museums sector. From 2005 to 2010, she was Head of the International Office at Cambridge. This was followed by a stint at the Fitzwilliam Museum, during which she negotiated the loan of the 2012 exhibition 'The Search for Immortality: Tomb Treasures of Han China'. She joined AHRC as Head of Infrastructure in September 2019, prior to which she held the post of Research Grants Manager at the V&A. 

Marta Teperek

Dr Marta Teperek is the Head of Research Data Services at TU Delft Library and the Director of 4TU.ResearchData. Between 2017 and 2020 she served as Data Stewardship Coordinator at TU Delft. Marta built a team of data stewards, appointed at each faculty at TU Delft to provide disciplinary data management support. Prior to joining TU Delft, she worked on the establishment and management of data support services at the University of Cambridge. Marta is a researcher by training and completed her PhD in molecular biology and genomics at the University of Cambridge in 2014. ORCID

Alastair Downie

Alastair Downie is the head of IT at The Gurdon Institute at the University of Cambridge, a centre specialising in developmental biology and cancer biology. Alastair also has an interest in scientific publishing, being a Director of the Company of Biologists. 

Dr Sacha Jones (Chair) is Research Data Coordinator in the Office of Scholarly Communication at Cambridge University Libraries.


Thursday 26 Nov 2020, 14:30–15:30 GMT


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