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Explore issues surrounding journal subscriptions by the University:

  • What are the principles that should be used to decide whether to start or to renew journal subscriptions?
  • How should we balance payment for subscriptions, for open access papers and for hybrid journals?
  • How should learned societies distinguish themselves from commercial publishers?

The University’s current subscription deal with the RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry) expired at the end of 2016. Various deals are on offer from the publisher through JISC and a decision needs to be made on which deal (if any) to agree.

The discussions at the Town Hall meeting will inform the Physical Sciences Consultative Committee, which will make a recommendation on the renewal.

This is a discussion of relevance for all members of the University, so we hope that you will join us. The discussion will be recorded so if you are unable to attend you will be able to catch up later. We welcome your input at the meeting and afterwards (to by 24th February).

Please could you indicate if you will be attending on this Doodle poll, so we have an idea of numbers:

Event date: 
Wednesday, 22 February, 2017 - 00:00
Event location: 
Unilever Lecture Theatre, Department of Chemistry, Lensfield Road
Event time: 
14:15 - 15:15

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