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As part of the Science Festival 2018, join Marion Leeper, the first Bard of Cambridge, for a morning of storytelling. We’ll be making sense of the University's research with unique tales from the treasure trove of new and exciting discoveries emerging from the University's labs, offices and libraries.

All these discoveries are freely available in the University repository, Apollo, for everyone in the world - but not necessarily in the most easily understandable form! This event will bring to life research being carried out at the University of Cambridge investigating the strange and fascinating areas of science, technology, arts, humanities and social sciences. This morning of storytelling will bring to families a new understanding of the wealth of research taking place at the University. You can discover even more through the collections afterwards from the comfort of your sofa through the Internet! 

Researchers can share their work in lots of ways, not just through theses and papers but through exciting tales to thrill even the youngest students around.

No booking required.

Find out who are the researchers and what is their research about at our News webpage.

Event date: 
Saturday, 24 March, 2018 - 00:00