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What is Open Access?

Open access is making published research results freely available to anyone with an internet connection rather than keeping those results hidden behind a subscription paywall.


Funders' requirements for Open Access

Most of funders supporting University of Cambridge research require that research data is made openly available with as few restrictions as possible. Research grants come with terms and conditions and it is important be aware of these and abide by them. Researchers who do not comply with policies on research data may be in breach of the agreement and may be subjected to sanctions from the funder. To help you stay aware of your funders’ expectations, visit our support pages about funders research data policies. Additionally, a dedicated Open Data team is available to help you achieve compliance with research data policies of your funder.


Open Access at the University of Cambridge

Open Access at the University of Cambridge is managed by two dedicated groups who assist the University's researchers and research students in making their research outputs freely accessible in the public domain. Open access activities at the University are overseen by the Open Access Project Board.

Open Access

The Open Access team provides advice and guidance on making research publications freely available in the public domain. To ensure compliance with HEFCE policies, upload your author accepted manuscript to the open access team as soon as your research article is accepted for a publication. The team will make the work available in the University repository, respecting publisher copyright restrictions and can provide guidance on the article processing charges and appropriate licensing, according to your funder's policy.

Open Data

The Research Data Management team is here to help you with all aspects of research data management - from experimental design, organising and backing up your data, to data deposition and sharing. Please browse through this website for guidance on research data management, to see the University of Cambridge Research Data Policy Framework, to find information about your funder's requirements, or to see available options for data deposition and sharing.

If you have any questions about research data management that you cannot find the answers to, do not hesitate to contact the Research Data Management Team directly.


Open Access Project Board

The Open Access Project Board is composed of senior members of the University of Cambridge and it oversees the activity of the Open Access and Open Data projects. The Open Access Project Board publishes minutes from its regular meetings.

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