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Tales of discovery: stories inspired by Cambridge research

“There’s no research that can’t be talked about in an interesting way…”

Find out how a traditional storyteller reinterprets your research to present to a family audience, and discover the families' own responses as they make their own stories around your research.

As part of the University Science Festival, the Office of Scholarly Communication will be hosting a storytelling event for families with Marion Leeper, the first Bard of Cambridge. We are looking for keen researchers with interesting areas of study to join us and see their research interpreted in a whole new light.

The Office of Scholarly Communication are seeking researchers from each of the 6 Schools to join us in a new public event aimed at sharing University of Cambridge’s open research with members of the community in a unique and novel way.

To be eligible to apply to take part in this event you will:

  • Be a current researcher at the University of Cambridge
  • Have your research output in the Apollo repository. This may include for example; data, research paper, photograph.

To apply to take part in this event you must provide a ‘pitch’ including:

  • A 75 word (max.) plain English summary of your research
  • Optional list of bullet points providing key points of interest about your research that are understandable by the general public
  • A short statement (200 words max) about why your research is exciting for the public

Why you should apply:

  • Your research will be communicated to a wider audience, which will increase its impact
  • You can demonstrate you efforts to make your researcher understandable to the general public
  • It will give you new ideas about how to communicate your work to a wide variety of stakeholders

Feel free to get creative with your ideas. After all, we will be getting fairly creative with your research in the end!

This event will be taking place on Saturday 24 March, 10.00-13.00 at the University Library. Prior to this, we will be arranging for all successful researchers to have a session with Marion to prepare for the day!

Submit your application via this form:

If you have any questions, please contact

The deadline for all application is 6pm, Wednesday 31 January 2018. The OSC will announce the winners of this competition on Friday 9th February.