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Research Data Management


Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to all the people who have spoken with us about data management and sharing since the first half of 2015. We were able to collect all the questions we received from researchers and research students and have prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

We would also like to thank Ben Ryan from the EPSRC for carefully checking our advice and for his comments that helped us improve the answers.

We have arranged the list of FAQ into eight categories, thematically grouped:


What needs to be shared and when?

Questions about exemptions from research data sharing

Questions about resources to support research data management and sharing

Questions about data repositories and linking to data

Questions about personal/sensitive/commercial data

Questions about source code sharing

Questions about data from collaborations

Questions about licensing, competition and data misuse

Questions about costs of data sharing

If you would like to download a simplified, printable version of these questions, click here.


Q. What if my question is not addressed in FAQ?

Please e-mail us, and we will get back to you shortly.