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Research Data Management


Q. Data supporting my research is personal or sensitive. How do I share these data?

If your research involves human participants, you need to carefully consider ethical aspects of your research already before the start of your project. You should address these considerations in your data management plan. In most research projects of this type, you ask your participants to fill in a consent form. When you are considering sharing data the consent form should inform the participants about your plans for research data processing, storage and sharing. For example, you can inform your participants that anonymised data will be shared via the University of Cambridge data repository.

There is good guidance on consent forms at the UK Data Archive. The UK Data Archive also provides a sample consent form.

Further guidance on various aspects of personal and sensitive data is available.

Q. Who can help me with intellectual property rights questions?

Queries concerning IPR conditions in the sponsorship or funding agreement under which your research at the University is undertaken may be directed in the first instance to the appropriate Contracts Manager at the Research Operations Office.

For general questions on IPR, contact the Legal Services Office:


For questions touching on commercialisation, contact Cambridge Enterprise: